Original idrija lace design Tina Koder

Original Idrija lace design Gallery in Ljubljana

Some 5 minutes walk from the Tripple bridge (main center square) upstream the Ljubljanica river and some 50m after crossing Zoisova main street, you'll find my Gallery where you can see, feel and of course buy my original lace designs as well as more traditional Idria lace products.

Sales of Original lace designs and traditional Idrija lace products

  • Idria lace shop Ljubljana
  • Idria lace gallery Ljubljana
  • Idria lace gallery Ljubljana

Opening hours

mon-fri: 16.00 - 19.00
sat: closed
outside normal opening times by arrangement


Krakovska ulica 22, Ljubljana (in the old Krakovo village in Trnovo region)

gsm: +386 (0)31 285 386

Tina Koder - original lace designs, Krakovska Ulica 22, Ljubljana on a bigger map

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